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Sprinkling Traditional Elements in Non-Traditional Weddings

Breaking Expectations and Celebrating Love Your Way

More and more couples are opting to join their lives together in a non-traditional wedding (in the case of my couple, K&R, a non-denominational wedding) while still incorporating traditional elements throughout their wedding day celebrated in their own way. Here are a few highlighted traditional Jewish elements my couple, K&R adopted in their wedding celebration.

The Breaking of the Glass

Typically in traditional Jewish Weddings, ceremonies are conducted outdoors and under a Chuppah (a four-post structure with a canopy to signify the home they're entering/building). K&R decided to conduct their union indoors at Harding's (an upscale NYC American bar/restaurant). They chose the character-filled wall backdrop underneath the mezzanine and adopted the Jewish tradition of "breaking glass". The act of breaking the glass by stepping on it symbolizes that marriage holds sorrow as well as joy and is a representation of the commitment to stand by one another through both the good and the hard times. K&R's intention of this act was beautifully framed by an organic canopy of vintage chandeliers and sprawling lush greenery with contrasting white premium flowers and hints of blush accenting blooms.

The Signing of the Ketubah

It was so nice to be able to see this cultural tradition take place while perusing K&R's photo album by Emily Denny Photography! The Ketubah is a non-religious (although rooted in religious beliefs but doesn't mention any religious principles) set of documents under Jewish Civil Law. The Ketubah encompasses the duties, laws, rights, and protections the couple have and allows the couples to sign a mutual contractual commitment to one another.

A quick Google search landed me on Stephanie Caplan's website. Stephanie is a NYC Ketubah Artist and Calligrapher that offers truly modern ketubah for everyone, "from interfaith to orthodox & everyone in between."



Mazel-Tov, to K&R!

All images by emilydennyphoto.com