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Your event is in a category of its own & we take care of it as so.

From partial & full-service events to our new "Omakase Flower Experience", we provide custom floral offerings catered to your vision & needs.


Every special occasion is unique from one another and we make sure that your event will have that special VIP touch by listening to your vision and providing professional advice and creative input. Currently, we only book one event at a time to best assure each occasion takes top priority and has our full attention. Vivian is first and foremost an Artist and a Creative who gets even more excited when there is an interesting idea to be conceptualized/executed and a challenge to tackle. She will enthusiastically present you your own custom grand plan that encapsulates your collaborated vision. When you book with Vivian, you get Vivian herself (plus her team). She will consult, plan, execute and design so that your vision will not get lost in translation because she oversees every step!


Our process starts off with getting to know one another during our complimentary (virtual) consultation. Either you have already been emailing back and forth or is chatting for the first time, we kindly ask for you to prepare as many details you might have like venue location, estimated guest count, day-of schedule, overall floral budget and inspiration pictures to the consultation so that Vivian can build your custom quote and Vision Board. Every event is unique--you're not a carbon-copy of past events! We've come to discover that most of our clients have done everything digitally without ever meeting in-person so if that's your style, we've mastered it!

Vivian provides every full-service client a floral board that consists of the combination of their overall vision and key 2D item mockups such as main installations, bridal bouquet, and tablescape designs. Depending on visualization needs, a 3D rendering of the space with a floral map-out of items can be presented as well. The Floral Board helps you envision the overall look and feel of your special occasion.

Once the flowers are carefully selected and you are happy with the Floral Plan, the next phase can happen: the follow-up consultation. During this phase, an itemized and detailed proposal based on the winning design, is presented. Here, you have the option to review and tweak any part of the proposal to ensure that you are thrilled with every single aspect.

Upon approval of the proposal, a 50% deposit is required to secure the event date, with the remaining balance due a few days prior to the occasion. Several payment installments can be arranged if your event is qualified for this option. A detailed list of policies and terms will be discussed and laid out in the final proposal.

"Overall I'm very impressed by your proposal - I received a few from different florists but the level of details of your proposal really stands out, including the flower specs, space layout, etc. I think we'll be great partners!"

Elevating experiences, stem by stem.

Flowers are an investment so that's why we created a guide for weddings and events. Don't know where to start, no clue on what's an appropriate NYC floral budget and how far that can stretch? Leave the stress behind! Read this guide for all the answers.