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Who We Are

VIVIAN PANG is a boutique custom-service wedding & events design company servicing New York City and its surrounding areas. We provide unsurpassed creative floral designs that combines the aesthetic influences of Visual Art elements, nature's grooves, and always, your story.

The unique personal touches crafted into every design, the custom à la carte floral services we offer at friendly rates, and our pride in being a welcoming LGBTQ+ and inclusive vendor with a cross-cultural understanding, are what draws our clients.

From our wedding/events and custom-catered services, to our unique handmade gifts, we're deeply passionate in creating whole-hearted floral experiences that convey what words alone cannot.

Our Botanical Designs

A mixture of part VP magic, tech, and artistic intuition.

Experience-driven and emotion-based designs for humans and brands with authentic stories. We are dynamic in all floral design styles and installations (classic, modern, garden, stylized and more). We are deeply passionate about creating designs that truly serves our clients and tells
their story.

A powerful force with a lasting imprint, both visually
and socio-economically.

Awareness of the diversity of our clients.

Proudly Serving NYC & Beyond

With no retail storefront presence and similar to a commissary kitchen, we operate out of a "ghost" design studio located within close proximity to the infamous NYC flower market. This allows us direct local access to an international selection of exquisite flora year-round otherwise not available in our North-East growing region. When the occasion affords us to, we love to get our hands on nurtured seasonal blooms that are locally grown, cut and transported from micro-farmers/growers throughout New York and the rest of the USA. We use sustainable mechanics and techniques in our designs and is a proud foam-free Florist! We believe in supporting local farmers, growers, and distributors but more importantly, respecting and acknowledging all the hardworking hands that have poured their heart and soul into a single bloom.

Simply put, we're focused on directly hand-delivering fresh floral art to you! We've recently expanded our line of creations by offering domestic and international shipping of our Lifestyle and Home products to further allow you to connect, appreciate and adorn yourself with all things botanicals. At VP, you can expect artisanal creations, thoughtful curations, and unforgettable botanical experiences.

Vivian's Story

A Native New Yorker Through and Through

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Vivian is a daughter of immigrant parents, a sister to a younger brother, a friend to like-kind souls and a florist "bestie" to all her clients. As a native New Yorker, she has learned the value of hard work, perseverance and resilience and carries that into everything she takes on. She is a curious and determined designer who prides herself on her artistic creativeness and resourcefulness.

Once an Artist, Always an Artist

Vivian was lucky to have been accidentally introduced to flowers at a local floral shop in Queens, NY. She had a brilliant leader and mentor that showed her the basics of creating a boutonniere and corsage and she immediately fell in love with the craft and helped out every weekend for weddings and events. During the week she attended High School at Fiorello H. LaGuardia Arts, a.k.a., The "Fame" School that produced Artists such as Milton Glaser, Jennifer Aniston, Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio and more. It is (at the time) 1 of 7 NYC Specialized High Schools that requires an in-person four-part audition and interview process for acceptance. There she went through 4 years of intensive Classics foundational training as a Visual Arts major with a concentration in Sculpture and Architecture.

Her love for the floral industry grew as her Arts knowledge deepened, however, she knew she needed to explore the field she was studying in college (business and psychology) and eventually wound up working in marketing and special projects within the commercial real estate industry. Her years of experience in the business sector, combined with her strong Arts background has allowed Vivian to gain valuable oversight, organization, coordination, and collaboration skills that would later be carried into her own boutique business in the hands-on floral sphere.

14 Years in The Floral Sphere, 8 Years in VP Business, and a Lifetime Dedication to Botanical & Artistic Exploration, Innovation, & Creations

Vivian eventually dived back into the floral industry because to her, the cliché saying of "work not feeling like work" was all very true when it came to botanicals. For the next five years, she made it her mission to work at top luxury NYC Florists to further deepen and expand her skills as a botanical artist, and she did. She has held floral industry positions in sales and marketing, as an Event Specialist, and as a Senior Floral Designer that produced top-notch designs for premiere events, celebrities, highly influential VIPs from all across the globe, corporate companies and luxury retail/fashion brands. While she worked full-time for other florists, she was building her portfolio and taking on her own weddings and events for clients who were discovering her online.

Creating Impact through Flowers

Come March 2020, the COVID crisis has reached NYC and that is when the landscape of the floral industry changed overnight. It was then that Vivian unexpectedly decided to push VIVIAN PANG Floral Creative from a side hustle into a full-time job for the first time in hopes to further influence the floral community and inspire creatives on how they can contribute to uplifting their community and the world by creating passionately and authentically. The floral community is about spreading joy, and Vivian wants to make an organic impact with rippling effects across the creative and social-ecological ecosystem.