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Our Mission & Philosophy

Core Mission

VIVIAN PANG aims to connect Nature and humans’ lived-in experiences and their unique personal narratives by storytelling and raising awareness through flora. Together, we can choose to spread love and celebrate our joys! Our newly created Initiatives: #FLOWERSFORHUMANITY, where every booked occasion gives back to an organization of our clients’ choosing, and #COASTERFORACAUSE, where proceeds from individual handcrafted botanical keepsakes (each attached to a unique good cause) are donated to frontline non-profit organizations that are doing the work to uplift all creative and social-ecological ecosystems.


"I'm an Adventurer, Creative, and Botanical Artist. As a florist, I am constantly inspired by the silhouettes and textures from the surrounding landscapes I hike in. I believe that bringing together natural elements allows us to appreciate nature in a different way, and enhances how we personally experience love, beauty and joy in the world. I am grateful every day that I'm able to share and celebrate with flowers. I aim to always instill the emotions in my designs by drawing significant details from the unique personal stories of my clients and creatively crafting them in my art. I dream of shaping and influencing the floral community and industry with my personalized botanic explorations and creations all while giving back with my recent new Initiatives: Flowers for Humanity and Coaster-for-a-Cause."

Vivian hiking up mountain