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Top Questions to ask your Florist

You've booked your venue and catering company, nailed down a photographer and now you're ready to tie it all together with flowers and or plants if that's your thing. Here are top questions to ask: 

What are your security deposit requirements and cancellation/rebooking policies?

As a client, you would want to be aware and protected when it comes to cancellations and unforeseen circumstances (as you have probably heard about nightmares stories from the year 2020). Generally, a security deposit (flat fee or a percentage of the total cost of flowers and services) secures the date of your event with the Florist which guarantees their availability. This common and procedural fee allows the Florist to know for certain that they are booked and might politely decline any incoming events that might interfere with your date. This protects the Florist and also comforts the couple knowing that they've reserved the Florist. If you cancel for a reason within your control, the deposit is usually non-refundable because the Florist could have accrued expenses for your event like purchasing specific vases, or they could've missed out on other potential bookings. If they're understanding of special circumstances they do have the power to refund your deposit less expenses but that's on a per case basis. Florists might refund your deposit only if you can rebook within a time range as well. It never hurts to speak to them about that to determine your comfortability.


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