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An Inwards Reflection on the Wedding and Events Industry and a New Floral Mission

As the world shifts culturally, technologically, and into a more remote yet connected sphere, it becomes apparent that businesses and individuals are trying to gear-up and relearn how to communicate accurately and responsibly. Our ability to connect with each other without being in the same space becomes ever more so important. People are becoming more DIY and exploring more options that can support their own voice and lens in the world. As people learn how to bake their own bread, connect over Zoom for remote work, and cut their own hair, we as humans are learning the value and the skills required in the work that each of us do and we are more appreciative and grateful (I hope).

Businesses are shifting into spheres that makes navigating life easier, and refocusing on the purpose and meaning behind their products and services. The good and the bad will happen. Some will get left behind, some will pivot and be successful, but the goal is to provide value that is in line with their morals and ethics that are equally beneficial for all lives. We all have a part in lifting our ecosystem into a place worth celebrating. What are we doing, how are we doing it, and who will benefit from it? These are questions a lot of people are thinking about and the “but we’re a for-profit business” just doesn’t cut it anymore. These are questions that I am thinking about.

Tools are being made to make our professions easier such as DIY kits, technological platforms, unique activity kits for the home, and more. One thing I’m noticing in the wedding and events industry is the rise in technology that enables all planners, caterers, florists and event and wedding professionals to digitally present and do their job more efficiently. One thing that would remain is our skill set and the ability to execute that presentation given. I think the truth and the raw talent out there are being magnified and it’s becoming hard for brands to keep up/even hide. Branding says a lot but at the same time it can be so easy for someone to hide behind that and not execute and provide real value (to their clients and the world). Execution is key. When does branding become excessive? Does it ever? Or is it solely just reflecting what the company stands for?

That’s what branding is, it’s to provide a distinction among all other companies of what you stand for. I think now we are seeing that a lot of brands are just facades. What are they doing? What’s happening behind the scenes? We are seeing this shift in real time of humans caring about who they are working with, purchasing things from, why they are purchasing, and what good will it do for the world? I’ve decided I want to do more (than my current #coasterforacause Initiative) and care more about not just my clients but the world. One may say it’s crazy for a business but I just think it’s the right thing to do as a human that has a business.

So here on out I’ve made the decision to provide every client of mine to be able to choose which organization (from a list of organizations I researched and compiled) they would like to donate their proceeds from their event or wedding. This is the #flowersforhumanity project.

Here's to a new meaningful purpose where my clients can choose to spread love while we all celebrate our joys and meaningful occasions.