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Let’s Talk Flower Longevity: Things to Know before Ordering Flowers from your Favorite Florist

Long Lasting Flower Arrangement
Long-lasting lush and textural flower arrangement featuring chocolate Cymbidium Orchids, Deep Purple Hyacinths, and Black Calla Lillies.

After 10 plus years of working in the flower industry (on the design floor as a designer and in the Sales and Customer Service department, these are the questions I get asked most often:

“Where are the freshest flowers?”, and “How do I make sure my flowers last?”

As a sales rep, I then naturally wonder what exactly are the expectations of the customer and as a designer, I mentally start building a recipe that will ensure the flowers and design will exceed their expectations.

I will reveal some ground rules/facts you should know before you order your flowers:

The Fleeting Nature of Flowers
Fresh-cut flowers will bloom, wither, wilt, and eventually perish. The fleeting nature of flowers like the special fleeting memories and moments of life is the same. There’s beauty in the perishable and in the unspoken language and sentiments in florals and that’s probably why you’re reading this now!

Ask a Professional Florist and be Prepared to Answer
There’s nothing more easy than simply asking the professional for guidance. Things you should be prepared to ask and be asked:

What is the occasion (Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Congratulations)?
This is a fun fact any caring florist will want to know because this helps inspire them and design in a way that offers sentiments around the special occasion

Where is the arrangement expected to sit?
Location, location, location is important to know. An arrangement that is expected to sit in someone’s house with easy flower care access versus a showroom or a gallery with less flower care availability might help determine what the florist recommends for the purpose of longevity.

Which botanicals last the longest?
Rather than asking for the “freshest” flowers, you ought to ask about which flowers are hardier in nature if the goal is flower longevity. The freshness of a flower really depends on the farm’s growing and cutting season, the mode and method of hydration and transportation, and the florist’s handling and shelf life/storage procedure. Generally, flowers and greens like standard Roses, Cymbidium Orchids, Hyacinths, Lisianthus, Calla Lilies, Eucalyptus, and Italian/Israeli Ruscus are deemed hardier botanicals. Temperature-sensitive flowers like Tulips, dahlias, Peonies, and Hydrangeas can be trickier and more finicky.

Fresh-Cut Flowers Need Love Too
Assuming the arrangement is going to a loving home, flower care is the most important thing in the longevity of your flowers. This is something you can control so might as well give them the best chance they got. For best care, visit my Care Tips page. My flowers generally last 5-10 days and if given the best care, sometimes up to 14 days. This also depends on the flower type chosen of course.

As a designer, I always like to include flowers that are just entering each bloom stage: 10% of the “Just-Picked” Stage where the buds are tight but plump, 20% of the “Just blooming” stage where the buds are popping and unfurling open, about 70% of nicely opened blooms, and 1-2 fully bloomed and showy stems in each arrangement to tease the recipient on what to expect for the coming days. The stages are always close to one another to allow gradual blooming stages and optimal enjoyment is received.

I hope my floral tips will help better prepare you in your next visit/order with your favorite florist! Happy flowering through the seasons!