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Mini Disco Ball Votive Arrangement with Single Rose or Faux Succulent

Petite mirror facets are meticulously adhered to create this petite keepsake vase. It is the perfect accent décor that's on-trend with the mirror disco ball revival and a whimsy refresh to the modern-day rose/succulent votive arrangements out there. Whether perched on a windowsill to catch light, or stacked on books, it'll be sure to invite joy in for a year and more!

Preserved rose (365-Days+) and faux succulent plant requires no sunlight, no water, and no maintenance--a perfect gift for just because! 

Available with a rose in these colors (Shown in last picture):
Vintage Pink; Blush Pink; Magenta; Red; Burgundy; Lavender Blue; and Yellow

Votive Glass Vase: 2.75"L x 2"W x 2.75"H

Storage and Care:
Store away from long/harsh exposures to direct sun. Keep votive arrangement indoors and ideally in humidity range of 55-60% and in 64-72 degrees Fahrenheit for preserved flowers. Do not get flowers wet. With any glass and handmade item, please handle with care. To clean the exterior or vase, it is recommended to use a lightly damp microfiber cloth and gently wipe horizontally with feather-like pressure.

Swappable & Removable Succulent/Rose Insert:
Holding where the satin is wrapped, drop your rose insert inside the center of the vase and gently tuck-in satin pull-loops out of view. Using the provided clumps of real Spanish Moss, delicately stuff the interior vase perimeter and against the rose insert to naturally secure and hide away pull-loops. To remove, gently remove the Spanish Moss and use the pull-loops on the sides of insert to carefully lift straight up and out. Insert our faux single succulent to create a cute accent decor or remove moss and insert a mini light-source and illuminate any space! Bonus: votive glass is heat-proof! Light-source not provided.

Shipping and Processing:
Your order is made-to order and will take 2-5 business days to process and ship from when order is placed. Third-party carrier is used for shipping and delays by them cannot be controlled. Tracking number is automatically emailed once your order ships. For any questions feel free to email viv@vivianpang.com 

Note:Given the hand-made and flower nature of the creation, dimensions and colors might slightly vary.