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‘Peony Rice Bowl’ Linocut Art Print Greeting Card - 5”x7” Blank Card & Envelope


This original linocut art print was designed hand-pressed/pulled, hand-lettered and finished with painted gold accents by me. I hope these blue bowls resonate with a lot of Chinese Americans and also those who appreciate the culture. The idea in the merging of the flower and the bowl is a play on the classic/traditional use of peony motifs on Chinese porcelain, but in my design, the peony flower is sitting in the bowl. The merging of the two items results in the meaning of peace, longevity, and good fortune.

Each card purchase sponsors one original handmade art postcard to seniors living in the Chinatown, NYC community. These postcards with heartwarming messages are attached to bags of home cooked meals courtesy of the non-profit organization, Heart of Dinner and their #lovingchinatown initiative. Once I reach a batch of 50 postcards, I will mail them out to the non-profit—this is my 2021 initiative #project1for1cards!

The Story:

I recently stumbled on Gold Thread’s video, “Those Famous Blue Chinese Bowls Come from This Town” (Watch Video) and immediately thought of the same bowls I’ve used growing up at my grandma’s apartment in Chinatown, NY. The video taught me something I never knew and made me reminisce on all the great memories of her. Inspired by my grandma’s blue bowls and the very last gift I was able to give her, the Peony flower, I made art in her memory.


- 300/gsm premium heavy-weight, cold-pressed, 100% cotton paper
- 250/gsm luxury heavy-weight, self-seal contour envelopes with metallic gold trim
- water-based printmaking ink
- hand-painted gold card accents and hand-lettered with archival black ink pen 

Notes: Individual cards and sets of cards are protected by clear card sleeves. Each card is  titled, signed and dated by Vivian Pang. Purchases of more than one card is tied with a black satin ribbon. Please take note that due to the hand-pressed nature of this item, each print might vary slightly in impression.