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‘Eastern Hemlock’ - Gold Aluminum Framed Original Botanical Art (9”x9”)

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One of a kind original Winter botanical drawing in archival black micron pen and watercolor by Vivian Pang. 


Tsuga Canadensis is the scientific name & the common name is known as Eastern Hemlock. It is a coniferous tree that is native to Eastern North America (and a symbol of PA). You can find it in Canada, Maine, the Adirondracks, and parts of Upstate New York. One key element to identify this tree is by the feathery, short, flat and blunt foliage with a rounded tip, the smooth grey-brown (young age) or ridged cinnamon brown (mature age) color of the bark, and the habitat of the tree. A bonus indicator is by the mini ~3/4” pinecones it produces as well. You can identify the maturity level of the pine cones by its color and hardness level. At a young age it is soft, light green/pale yellow & is upright to get ready for wind pollination. Once pollinated it gracefully droops downward and turns into an olive brown to brown color. At the right conditions (generally, at a warmer temperature) the pinecone’s scales will flare open to drop its seeds. By the time you see them on the ground they have already gone through all those maturity stages.


Eastern Hemlock, 2021
Micron pen & watercolor on Paper, 4“x4”

- Titled, signed, and dated on the back of drawing
- Mounted on 8”x8” white acid-free backboard
- Matted with 8”x8” ivory satin-finish, acid-free beveled mat, hand-pressed title, and signed with black archival ink
- Aluminum frame (9“x9””) in brushed gold with an optional stand-alone back easel, and sawtooth hanging hook and tempered glass

Note: please take note that due to the model and device you’re viewing this piece colors might show up differently in person. 

Ownership Rights: 
The original artwork belongs to you once payment is fully received. However, please not that please note that I own the copyrights to all my art, which includes reproduction and licensing rights.