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Our Philosophy

Our jewelry philosophy is simple: Unique designs made sustainably & ethically for sentimental adorners to beam a little bit more than they already do while giving back through our #BeamingBack Initiative which donates a portion of each sale to non-profit organizations that empower & equip our NYC community with resources to help them survive & thrive.

A New way of doing things while preserving traditional values

What started out as a curiosity project, ended up with Vivian teaching herself how to 3D-design fine/demi-fine jewelry. She instantly became hooked on this new medium of self-expression. Drawing on her knowledge and experience of being a Botanical Artist, Vivian explores Nature through the modern lens by merging and utilizing the increasingly prevalent methods of 3D-printing technologies and the traditional method of the ‘lost-wax' casting process in jewelry-making. She's excited to design for the beamingly you in mind with Nature as the forever muse.

Fair Pricing & Transparency

Smart and energy-efficient prototyping and manufacturing methods = an affordable cost to market-entry on our end, a reasonable overhead cost, and the ability for us to operate without a retail storefront. This freedom, enables our retail markups to be competitively lower than jewelers who adopt the traditional storefront and manufacturing model. Traditional retailers markup their prices 5x to 10x their costs. Transparently, we take in a 30-40% profit margin of what it costs us to manufacture your jewelry and this accounts for our not mass-produced & distributed designs and the raw materials used. We value inspiring designs made by sustainable, green, and ethical practices and we price our jewelry to align with these values. Basically, our precious metals are the same as luxury jewelers but our ways of doing things are different. Try us out and see how we fit into your lifestyle and match your values.

Our Metals

Precious metals are generally comprised of different metal alloys for workability, desired hardness/durability levels and ideal price. Pure solid gold (24K) is known to be too soft to work with and scratches easily hence why 18k and 14k gold are popular choices. Most jewelers consider their metal recipes proprietary so they usually do not reveal this information. Certain retailers curate and sell mass-distributed designs so they might not be aware of the composition percentages.

We believe in material transparency in the metal alloys we use so our adorners can make the best informed choice for their body's biocompatibility with certain metals.

All our metals are 100% Nickel & Lead-free.


Silver49%, Copper 43%, and Zinc 8%

Silver 18%, Copper 64%, and Zinc 18%

Silver 93%, Copper 4%, and Zinc 3%

Copper 80%, Zinc 15%, and Tin 5%

Our Process

Our jewelry are digitally designed and sculpted, 3D-printed in wax, and traditionally casted in high-quality precious metals. Additive Manufacturing (AM) 3D-Printing is a type of manufacturing process that has gained popularity over the years. Rather than using traditional manufacturing methods like subtractive manufacturing, where a block of material is carved out, leaving behind potentially unrecyclable/unusable materials due to characteristic changes of the original block, we use AM 3D-printing methods. With 3D-printing, a digital CAD file is uploaded to a state-of-the-art SLS 3D-printing machine and through it's nozzle, thin slices are gradually sintered on top of one another, resulting in a fully printed object in the real world. Traditionally, this process is done by hand-carving a block of wax. In our case, the object is a wax model ready to be plastered into a mold then casted in precious metals and finally hand-polished to its ideal finish.

The ability to accurately and consistently print a wax model using innovative 3D-tech allows for a zero to little margin of error and dramatically reduces yield losses and wasted materials. Examples of yield losses are idling of cycle or machinery, slow speeds, and defective models. Simply put, we're eliminating milling, cutting, and drilling (which traditionally increases carbon footprint). This equals less energy, less storage space and reduces overstored/use of raw materials. This in return also eliminates unnecessary transportation of goods and lowers the transport carbon footprint.

By only using what is required and increasing the efficiency of our use of raw materials, energy consumption, and land-use in the jewelry-making process, our carbon footprint is reduced and limited.

Sustainable, Green, & Ethical Precious Metals

Not only is Vivian focused on designing thoughtful and high quality jewelry, the manufacturing and production process of her pieces are just as important. She constantly aims to always improve on using sustainable production practices, green renewable energy sources, and recyclable materials, in order to manage and better the environmental and social impacts of the supply chain. Her manufacturer's aligned alloy producer and supplier uses certified renewable sources. In detail, 10% of their green energy comes from a solar photovoltaic system, and the remaining 90% from a certified green energy supplier.

Vivian works with a top-tier NYC manufacturer (trusted by Google, Fillauer, Kespry, Voytek and more) that's aligned with world-renowned metal alloy producer who's certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the most respectable association in the jewelry industry. The certification assures the integrity of the materials and processes--in short, every link of the supply chain is tracked and due diligence is applied to make sure the best sustainable and ethical business practices are enforced at every step of the supply chain. This means that all precious metals down to the gram like Gold, Silver, Platinum and Rhodium that are produced and sent to our manufacturer in New York City are completely traceable from source to retail. Depending on fluctuating manufacturing needs, locally purchased green and fair-minded gold might be used.

Materials and Finishes

Solid Gold (18k/14k)
Our most premium metal with a brilliant shine that's perfect for everyday wear and fit for storing with your heirloom jewelry.

Our Vermeil jewelry consists of 18K Heavy-Plated Yellow Gold (2.5 microns thickness) on 925 Sterling Silver. This metal and finish is the more durable option than the Gold-Plated Brass finish. It is also the more affordable option compared to solid gold pieces. Vermeil jewelry is perfect for those who want higher durability, biocompatibility, and the look of gold jewelry for everyday wear.

925 Sterling Silver

A very popular metal commonly used in jewelry. Has a calming & cool-tone color. Will patina into an antique look over a long period of time but can be cleaned and polished back to a like-new finish if preferred.

Gold-Plated (18k/14k) High Quality Brass
Our gold-plated Brass option is perfect for wearing every other day. This option marries the best of both worlds and combines the strength of Brass and the luxurious glimmer of Gold. Our plated Brass looks exactly like gold (no one would know the difference) so you can have the look of gold at a fair price.

High Quality Brass
Brass is a copper alloy and has an earthy golden tone when semi-polished to a "brushed" look, and although not as warm and bright as solid yellow gold, it comes pretty close when polished to a high shine. Will patina into an antique look but can be polished back to a like-new finish for it's original luster.
Don't mistake this brass with other brass out there, this is high quality metal!

Our Beaming Back Initiative

Like Vivian's mission and philosophy in all the creative work that she does, she pledges that for every jewelry purchased, a portion of each sale will be donated to the Robin Hood's NYC COVID-Relief Fund.The Robin Hood Relief Fund is helping New Yorkers by supporting and granting funds to the non-profit organizations on the frontlines. 100% of donations will provide emergency support through food, housing, job security and more.


Designed for the Beamingly You

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