Care Tips



Fresh Cut Flowers & Arrangements

Ensure Flowers Stay Fresh and Hydrated

Once your fresh arrangement of flowers arrive, check the water levels to ensure no water was lost in transit (water-level should be 50-75% of the stems of flowers.) A fresh cut is not necessary as Vivian has done that already. If you want to, there is no harm. Overtime, stems will gradually "seal" off and the water uptake will be compromised so stems of flowers should be given a fresh 1" cut diagonally on the bottom of the stem (for Hydrangeas, cut diagonally and also split the stem). Next, fill a vase with room-temperature/cold water. Make sure stems are always touching water. As stems drink, ensure they receive the occasional fresh cut (every 1-2 days for optimal freshness) and water levels are always at 50-75% of the stem. Repeat steps and enjoy the blooming process!


Succulent Plant

Watering Schedule

Water once every 2-4 weeks, every 2-3 weeks during warmer weather, every 3-4 weeks during cold seasons.  Before watering, gauge the soil moisture level by using your finger to touch the top inch of the soil. If the soil is bone dry, you can proceed to water and soak through (at the base of the plant, allowing water to completely drain out). If the soil is still damp, wait a few more days until bone dry again.


Floating Botanical Coaster

How to Use

As a Beverage Coaster:
Place coaster upright (the flat coaster surface without the ripples is the top side) on any leveled table-top surface (non-laminated table is best), proceed to place your favorite beverage cup on top/centered of the coaster. Tip: the underside of the coaster is the side with the ripples. The underside of your cup should be smooth to avoid scratching your coaster. 

Avoid using extremely high temperature/boiling liquids to prevent damage. Only use warm, reasonably hot and cold liquids in your mug. To test if your mug is in the ideal condition to be placed onto the coaster, (touch the bottom of the beverage-filled mug to see if the temperature is comfortable for your hand, if it isn’t, it’s too hot and you should wait until the temperature is comfortable enough for your hand prior to coaster usage). Once done with beverage, gently remove mug and leave the coaster flat (never bend/deform!) for a minimum of 1 minute to allow it to return to its initial hardness level prior to moving. This practice is best for long-term care and maintenance of your keepsake art piece.

As a Keepsake Art Collectible:

- Lay flat on any surface as a floral decor for your space or put on top of paper as a paper weight.

- Display against a wall or window (shady area away from direct sunlight)

How to Clean

Use non-abrasive paper towels or a micro-fiber cloth that will not scratch. Dampen with luke-warm water and wipe in sweeping motion on top of stains and soiled area. To wash the coaster entirely swiftly hold under running lukewarm/cold water and pat dry avoiding the painted rims for best care practice. If rims need to be wiped, it is still safe to do so but be cautious not to scratch. Coasters are water-resistant but is not waterproof and should not be submerged in water. Alcohol pads can be used to clean as well and is the best method to clean.

 How to Store 

Store away unstacked (ideally), away from direct sunlight and in a cool and dry flat-surfaced area. Best kept in relatively consistent temperatures (60-75 degrees Fahrenheit) and below 85% humidity levels. These are recommended ideal conditions and are flexible as long as your environmental conditions do not stray too drastically. Coasters are intended for indoor use only. Outdoor use can be permitted (think shaded patios) but take caution not to leave in direct sun or extreme heat or cold conditions.

Note: Treat with care as with any handmade item :)


 Botanical Jewelry

Prior to Wear

Prior to wearing your botanical keepsake jewelry, it's best advised to disinfect the hook with rubbing alcohol for the best hygienic practice. Vivian has already disinfected prior to shipment however, this is the best suggested hygienic practice.

How to Clean

Pure titanium is naturally an inert metal that is corrosion and tarnish-resistant, however if you so please, you can clean with wiping it down with alcohol pads and making sure it completely dries before storing away.

How to Store & Maintain 

Each keepsake jewelry holds real naturally pressed botanicals. Some fading over time of hue is normal due to the exposure of sunlight when worn outside. When not worn, it is suggested to store away from sunlight and in a cool and dry location. Your keepsake might contain pure copper, which does patina over time which gives it an organic worn in character. If you want to restore the copper make to its original form, feel free to apply common household items: rub a mixture of 1 tablespoon of table salt and 1 cup of white vinegar onto the copper with a soft cloth and rinse (carefully avoiding the botanicals). Even though the botanicals are sealed, the acrylic film is not waterproof and should not be submerged.