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Petal Droplet Earrings


The most neutral style and the most versatile of our botanical jewelry collection is the 'Petal Droplet' Earrings. It is also one of Vivian's first botanical jewelry design that inspired the other designs in this launch collection. This pair features a simple hand-wrapped droplet shaped hoop with a single ivory/beige Hydrangea petal dangling in the center. Signifying the mere moments before a droplet drops into a pond, the anchoring pure copper coils perfectly portrays one of her guiding life metaphors: with every droplet that falls into a pond, there will always be ripples. What droplet do you want to be?

Flower Story:
These flowers were grown and picked by Millie, a Hydrangea grower in Washington, USA.

:: Biocompatible commercially pure medical grade-1 titanium metal (anodized rose-gold color) 
:: Pure hand-wrapped copper "bead" details
:: Hidden hypoallergenic non-tarnish, copper-toned and soldered chain with iron/steel base metal
:: All nickel and lead-free metals
:: Real botanicals sealed in a thin water-resistant acrylic film

Overall Drop Length from top of Hook - 2” L
Overall Width - 7/8” W

Care Tips

Shipping & Processing

This keepsake is made-to-order. Please allow 2-4 business days to process. USPS is currently operating on delays, please allow additional time for expected delivery. Kindly be aware that once order is shipped, the delivery time is out of our control and will depend on your selected shipping option and carrier's current operation capacity/schedule. Shipment tracking number will be emailed once shipped.


No returns or exchanges due to hygienic purposes and attached cause for donation. If there’s a quality issue, kindly email to resolve issue. Refund or replacements will need to be approved. Refunds will be given with no questions asked if cancellation is made within an hour after order placement. If donations were submitted already, your refund less the donation amount will be refunded.

Botanical size, shape, and hue might vary slightly due to what nature grows and the season’s temperament, however, measures will be taken to select the most similar qualities to the as shown picture because you deserve the best! Although our pure medical grade-1 titanium metal is naturally an inert metal and the percentage of an allergic reaction is close to none, we cannot make 100% guaranteed claim on biocompatibility as everyone is a unique and special case.