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Concrete Jungle Succulents


Concrete Jungle is the perfect living interior decor that can be placed on top of a coffee table, end table,  or on an office table. Featured are 7 varieties of Succulent plants with shades of various greens and purples all potted in a cement fishbowl and decorated with white pebbles and touches of forest bark.

Overall: 5-6" W x 4.5-5.5" H 
Container: 5" D x 4 1/4" H 
Material/Color: Whitewashed Grey Cement 

Plant Care:
Water once every 3-4 weeks, every 3 weeks during warmer weather, every 4 weeks during cold seasons.  Before watering, gauge the soil moisture level by using your finger to touch the top inch of the soil. If the soil is bone dry, you can proceed to water (about 2/4 cup) at the base of the plants. If the soil is still damp, wait a few more days until dry again. If foliage starts to turn yellow, that means you are over watering the plants, reduce the amount of water or allow the succulents more time to dry out in between waterings.