VP Experience

VP Floral Creative specializes in crafting custom wedding and event floral designs and personalized service catered to clients'  vision and needs. Every wedding and event differs from one another and VP Floral makes sure that your occasion will have that special VP touch by listening to their clients' vision and providing them professional advice and creative input.  Currently, VP Floral  books only one Wedding/Event at a time to best assure each occasion takes top priority.

Our process starts off with getting to know one another during our complimentary wedding and events consultation. Either you have already been emailing back and forth or is going to meet for the first time, it is asked for you to bring as many details like venue location, fabric choices, ceremony times, and pictures to the consultation so that Vivian herself can help build you a Floral Board.

Vivian provides every client a Floral Board that consists of the combination of her client's vision and her ideas and sketches. The Floral Board is meant to help clients envision the overall look and feel of their special occasion. Once the flowers are carefully selected and the client is happy with the Floral Plan, the next phase can happen, the followup consultation. During our followup, an estimated and itemized proposal based off of the chosen floral designs, is presented. Here, the client has the option to review and tweak any part of the proposal to ensure that they are thrilled with every single detail.

Upon approval of the proposal, a 50% deposit is required to secure and lock in the event date, with the final table counts and remaining balance due 20 days prior to the occasion. Once booked, select samples can be requested when flowers are in season and or shortly before the event. A more detailed list of terms will be discussed during the initial consultation.

VP Floral Creative accepts Cash, Checks, Credit & Debit Cards (processing fee included) and Chase Quickpay.

Vivian Pang believes that no budget is too small and no occasion that is not worth beautifying and celebrating! She will try her best to accommodate her clients' floral needs and encourages them to reach out. Vivian ensures to respond no later than two business days and looks forward to hearing from you!