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Original Block Print Art Cards & Stationary

Block printing or Relief Printmaking is a traditional form of printing that dates back to several thousand years ago. It is a process that involves engraving into carving materials such as stone, wood, metal, linoleum and more and pressing the matrix (block) onto paper, fabric, clay and more to leave a relief impression. This form of printing produces original pieces of work time and time again. It allows for unique art prints with character, unachievable by digital printers and their digital reproductions. The history, beauty, skill and creation process are all embodied in each print.

Vivian chose this form of method to hand-pull original art cards and standalone prints to send your personal sentiments and for gifting the love language of an art enthusiast. Art and its social-emotional purpose for the one creating it and the one receiving it is now more important than ever. Vivian hopes she can share affordable original work and allow others to take and feel what they need.

All hand-carved linocut block prints are designed, hand-pulled, hand-lettered, signed and dated by Vivian Pang. Art cards are open editions unless otherwise stated. Standalone prints are numbered and editioned.