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Quintuple White Phalaenopsis Orchids in Cement


Quintuple plantings of White Phalaenopsis Orchids in a modern ridged cement bowl and adorned with natural elements makes the perfect statement-piece for any home or corporate space. This neutral blooming orchid garden will surely complement any modern setting. 

Overall: Approximately 25”H x 15”W
Container: 8.5"H x 14.2”W Round cement bowl 

Currently only delivering to New York, New York, parts of Queens & Brooklyn, NY and part of New Jersey.  Please email to arrange for another delivery location in New York City and New Jersey.

Delivery Locations in Queens & Brooklyn:
Astoria, Queens
Long Island City, Queens
Sunnyside, Queens
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Dumbo, Brooklyn,
Brooklyn Heights, and Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

Delivery Locations in New Jersey:
Hoboken, NJ
Jersey City, NJ
Weehawken, NJ
Newark, NJ
North Bergen, NJ
Bayonne, NJ


Plant Care Instructions:

Phalaenopsis Orchids  require at least 2-4 hours of bright indirect natural light (this means locations near a bright windowsill, or a couple of feet away from one is ideal), and room temperature water once every 3-4 weeks with normal-medium humidity levels.

In the winter, watering can be done once every 4 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out in between waterings, and every 3 weeks starting late spring and onward as the weather gets warmer. Water the orchid (1/2 cup) around the base of the plant, making sure the soil is not damp before watering. 

Occasional misting the orchid blooms and foliage further enhances the care quality and will ensure longer bloom time and healthy foliage. The orchid blooms will last for a couple of months and will drop. Don't worry, this is normal. Trim the orchid stem down to half but leave the foliage as this is needed for the plant to continue photosynthesis. Continue watering schedule but reduce orchid watering by 1/3 as season gets colder. If properly cared for, your plant will rebloom! If blooms are needed immediately, we are happy to repot new orchids in your keepsake vessel with a scheduled in-house visit. Email to inquire about personal visits.