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The Always Fleurishing Florist's Blog

Creativity Never Runs Out, Curiosity Does

If you know me, you'd know that I've been drawing, painting, crafting, building, collaging, sculpting, and etc. ever since I was 5 years old. I was immersed in the Visual Arts (part self-discovery, paid & free art programs and classes, and part  training in school) and I have my curiosity and encouraging parents to thank. Later in my teen years I would accidentally discover performance art (Hip Hop dance), and the art of Floristry but that's another story for another time. My point is that I was blessed with a natural and powerful sense of curiosity that encourages me to throw myself into many various forms of art--my curiosity is like an itch I need to scratch because without it, my creativity will not flow.

Creativity never runs out, curiosity does. My philosophy is that everyone ought to develop, practice, and stay curious because I'm a big believer that with curiosity and intentional actions, naturally comes with a breadth of knowledge and developed skills that overlaps one another thus allowing creativity to flow. Some say that the more you use your creativity the more you have it and I'm a big believer of that. But I am an even bigger believer that the more curious you get and the more you scratch that curiosity itch, creativity flows more easily and in abundance.

Recently, I gave myself permission to allow curiosity to run free because I've realized that it has been wavering for years and because of this Pandemic and an increase of free time, I am re-lighting my curiosity fire. Year 2020 has been rough but throughout my time I've been revisiting old loves like drawing and painting, and learning new skills like hand-binding leather journals/sketchbooks, or making flat broad noodles and hot chili garlic oil from scratch! Anyways, I just finished my first painting after a four year break! If you're curious about the backstory and meaning of my abstract painting, "Ebb and Flow", feel free to continue reading below!

  • 5 min read